The Death of Math Class

One of my principals asked me once what I thought we should do about the math department and how we could improve math education at the school. My response was pretty quick and seemed to make him leery of taking me seriously, but I wasn’t joking. My two cents? “Get rid of math class.” He didn’t ask why I thought that, nor do most people when I say it. Sometimes I tell them anyway. Now I’m telling you. Continue reading

Bringing the Light

Sometimes you are a part of something so incredible that you are convinced that you will always belong to it. Or even more audaciously, that it will always belong to you. This last week I had the chance to go back to Albuquerque to launch the release of the book. I was able to spend some time working on a plan for alternative assessments at the last school I worked at, and I got to see a lot of my students that I had taught for two years before moving to California. They were finishing up their work for the school year and the seniors gave their final capstone presentations. They were the most professional presentations I had seen from students. Especially after the year they had. Continue reading